Main Elements Of Supply Chain

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Introduction As we have studied supply chain throughout the semester, we have learned about the people, processes, and technology that all go into creating, improving, and executing a supply chain strategy. By reading through the final papers in this class and by examining ours with a final read through, we have come to a conclusion on our definition of supply chain, shown in the graphic above. We believe that supply chain is every single step that a product or service takes from cradle to grave, and it must also encompass all of the people, processes and technology used to create it. Within processes specifically, we see the Plan, Source, Make, and Deliver functions. We would like to discuss each element, people, processes, and technology, further and provide real world examples of these main elements of supply chain. People First, the people in supply chain are the driving agent that allow the entire supply chain to run smoothly. Without proper and thorough communication a supply chain will not function to its full capacity. Within your supply chain you have many different tiers of workers that all need to be informed and committed to getting the work done effectively and efficiently. The people in supply chain are more than just the workers in the Logistics department. They are the suppliers, the suppliers’ suppliers, the customers, the customers’ customers. From the beginning of the entire process you have to think about the different ways in which your product
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