Main Features Of Progressive Education

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Education is a complex issue which draws attention from different interest groups and relates to various parties within a society and globally in a wider context. Movement and changes of education trends also influence political agenda, school policies, educators, students themselves and their families mutually. Defining a good primary school should be in consideration of social, cultural and economic aspects of our contemporary society in the 21st century. In that sense, a progressive education philosophy is considered important for a good primary school in its psychological and sociological features. This essay will discuss why characteristic features of progressive education provide a model of a good primary school in line with the…show more content…
A good primary school encourages and accommodates teachers in their professional development. Hayes (2008) emphasises the role of teachers in schools in accommodating the diversity of students’ groups and deep reflection on a variety of teaching practices required in project-based learning, non-graded classrooms and differentiated instruction in the content, the process and the product. The child is only developed when a socially meaningful activity and a task that resembles real-life circumstances are given and directed to them, and so teachers must be aware of students’ developmental stage to facilitate such needs (Kaplan 2013, Little 2013). Studies also found that a positive teacher-student relationship influences students’ motivation, achievement and behaviour (Martin & Dowson 2009, Hattie 2009, Hughes & Kwok 2007). Effective teaching and classroom practices have a positive effect on student engagement and achievement.

Family involvement should be encouraged and welcomed in a primary school, as students bring their experiences and prior knowledge to school, to assist the child learning holistically and to know the student better, school and parents’ collaboration is must.
As Dewey highlights that the individual child’s experience initiate and extend the learning, the benefits of family involvement in education is a well-established fact such as in providing learning
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