Main Goals of The Progressive Movement Essay

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In the late nineteenth century to early twentieth century the Progressive Era was moving to reshape America. Progressivism was a political movement that encouraged the exposure of corruption in America in order to reshape it for the better. This time period became known for the social and political changes that took place as a result of the progressives. Progressivism ruled the country, changing the way Americans lived and the way politics affected them. One of the main goals of the progressive movement was to use democracy to regulate the government by exposing the corruption of government officials. Another area in which the progressives moved for change was business. In the late nineteenth century many large businesses were corrupt,…show more content…
He was most known for his book The Jungle, which became a worldwide bestseller and dramatically changed food regulation during the Progressive Era. Many people saw the results of this book as good, but they did not see the corruption it caused. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle changed food regulation in America forever, but the effects that came about because of The Jungle were more detrimental than beneficial.
Upton Beall Sinclair grew up in a poor family, always moving around from city to city with his father’s job as a salesman. His mother, Priscilla Sinclair, had rich relatives on her side of the family whom Upton would visit with some regularity. As he grew up this allowed him to see how the rich and the poor lived, giving him an insight that shaped his career as a writer and journalist. He did not have a good relationship with either his mother or father, causing him to become independent at a young age. When he was just fourteen his family moved to New York city and he started writing to pay for his tuition at the City College of New York. He went on to graduate from Columbia University, paying his way with stories he wrote. His early career consisted of small novels and journal articles that never became well known. Upton Sinclair often wrote for the socialist journal Appeal to Reason, showing his socialist ideals. Growing up in poverty and visiting wealth caused him to have these socialist views. The crowning point of his career came
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