Main Idea Of Jesus As Messiah

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Main Idea

Jesus as Messiah serves as both High Priest and Mediator for all believers. This role is established in the New Covenant that He created through His sacrifice and by His blood. His sacrifice and role as priesthood are both superior to any preceding, and are permanent in nature.


1. Jesus as Messiah 9:11
2. Jesus as High Priest 9:12-13
3. Superiority of priesthood of Jesus 9:14
4. Jesus is our Mediator Hebrews 9:15-20

INTRODUCTION Starting in Chapter 3 of Hebrews, the author begins talking about Jesus as High Priest, including its relation to the order of Melchizedek, and the Heavenly nature of His priesthood. He has also related the role of Jesus as High Priest to His Covenant that was created by His death through His blood. Now, in Chapter 9, the author is explaining the relation between the earthly priesthood of the Old Covenant, and the Heavenly priesthood of Jesus in the New Covenant. At this time, Jews were still offering sacrifices and viewing the presence of God as one visited in the tabernacle on earth. The Hebrew author is stating here, beginning in verse 11, that Jesus ' priesthood will not serve in the earthly tabernacle, but He will serve in the Heavenly tabernacle and enter into the presence of God there. The author then explains the difference between the earthly and Heavenly priesthood, and why the Heavenly priesthood is superior.


Historical Context The book of Hebrews is unique from other…
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