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Main Ideas: After reading this novel, the first idea that was clearly evident throughout the entirety of the story is that Jewish people are highly unwanted. Leslie Schwartz was just a young boy when he began to experience these unwelcoming greetings from the Germans, who in particular were the Nazis. During this time period Jews were looked down upon and were even considered to be "dirty". This term "dirty" that was used to describe the Jewish was not used in a literal way most times, instead it is used as a metaphor suggesting that they were somewhat similar to what we know as slaves. An event that occurred where Leslie and thousands of other Jews experienced this term "dirty" first-hand, appeared during the time period they left…show more content…
The second main idea that occurred throughout the novel was the idea of courage. Courage and bravery is what helped Leslie survive the tragedies he did and was able to help him rebuild his life after these events were over. One of the main events where Leslie needed to be courageous was when he had the option to either stay with his mother and sister during the concentration camp separating, or join his step-father whom he fully did not trust yet. Leslie had this decision to make that would determine life or death. In the end Leslie decides to join his step-father and many other men to go to a concentration camp separated from the women and children. I must say that Leslie made the right choice by deciding to go with his step-father, because hadn’t he not gone he might have not been able to share this story of his with all of us.
There are a variety of different focuses that were present throughout this book, all which have a very important message and impact. The one focus, or intent as to why the author wrote this novel was to inform the reader about such a tragic event that has taken place in history and to raise awareness so that things like this do not end up reoccurring. Something that has inspired many readers already, this book was also intended to inspire those reading it not to give up on achieving their goals and dreams in life. Leslie did not give up on trying to
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