Main Issues That Affect The Quality Of Access Education

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This paper discusses five main issues that affect the quality of and access to education in developing countries, namely; economic barriers, conflict barriers, climate change barriers, gender barriers, and language barriers. Definitions of ‘education’ such as “the acquisition of the art of the utilisation of knowledge” (Whitehead, 1966), or “making available to each generation the organised knowledge of the past” (Good, 1959, p191), or “the means whereby one generation transmits the wisdom, knowledge and experience which prepares the next generation for life’s duties and pleasures” (Snelson, 1974, p1) might be correct, but are too broad and not relevant in the context of this paper. ‘Education’ in this paper is defined as “the systematic…show more content…
When children complete their basic primary and secondary education it results in numerous benefits for the children as well as the society in general. Studies show that completing a basic education reduces poverty, increases income by up to 10% per extra year of attending school, saves lives of children whose mothers have a secondary education, reduces the chances of getting HIV and Aids, and increases economic growth and GDP (Jalan & Ravallion, 2000; UNESCO, 2011a). Almost 70 years after the UN’s declaration, and having invested billions of dollars in education, more than 59 million children of primary school age are not attending school and 883 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate (UNESCO, 2015; UNDP, 2015). In light of this, the UN set out the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ in 2015 where one of the principle targets is that all children worldwide “complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education” by the year 2030 (UN, 2015, p17). There are many difficult obstacles to achieving this goal, and the following section will explain that economic factors, conflict factors, climate change factors, and gender factors, and language factors are the major issues that need to be addressed.

Factors Affecting the Quality of and Access to Education
1 – Economic factors
Arguably the biggest factor that affects
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