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According to the Walden Writing Center (2014), reading is where the writing process begins. There are five strategies for critical reading.
(1) Read with a purpose. What do you already know? What do you want to know? What are you learning?
(2) Read strategically.
(3) Note and trust your questions about the reading. Highlight sections that are confusing.
(4) Back away and summarize what you have read. Take notes as you read. Summarize paragraphs in one word. Highlight to bring out ideas and combine with the one word.
(5) Mark up your document.
(Walden University Writing Center, 2014).
I happen to fall between an old-school version of reading and taking notes and a high-tech 21st-century version of reading and taking notes
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Thank goodness for technology, no more lugging around several books. [5]
Our resources this week point out that when we read for a purpose, we retain more information. It is suggested to make a note of what you already know about the subject you are reading. When I am reading for research, I try to get meaning out of every sentence. In the back of my mind I ask myself what the author is saying and why is it important. The Walden Writing Center suggest that articles can be skimmed. However, I do not believe that. I feel that every word has a meaning and a point. I believe that is a big area where I need improvement. There are times when I read sections that I know about like the back of my hand, yet I’ll still read it word for word. One of my professors from my master’s program warned me that I would get to a point to where my type of reading will not be feasible especially when I have several assigned readings at the same time. He suggested that if I know, the particular material just skim over it as a refresher. I’m starting to see what he meant. To improve in this area, I started trying to focus on parts of the reading I do not know and skim over sections that are familiar to me. One thing in this week’s reading that I have previously incorporated in my research is to read the abstract and skim the article to see if there will be enough new information I can use before committing to the article or book.
As my workload, has increased I see
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