Main Roles Of Housekeeping

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If we need to review the role that housekeeping plays in the operations and management of hotel. Firstly we have to define what is it Housekeeping in general. House Keeping is a heart of the hotel management industry. Hotels, motels, and inns around the world can succeed without ballrooms, meeting rooms, swimming pools, or even restaurants. But the one thing every successful lodging establishment must have, regardless of it’s size, location, or industry segment, is clean rooms. Room sales generally drive 70 percent or more of the revenues generated by lodging establishments. Without a well managed housekeeping department, there would be no rooms to sell (Martin R. J.,1998) Each department
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Housekeeping department plays essential role for front office and by description of some operations we can understand principle of this work in life. Guestrooms in lodging properties are sold by the front office. The front office desk must know at every given moment what rooms have been cleaned and are available for the guests. Housekeeping must provide the front desk with a listing of rooms that are ready for occupancy so guests can be checked in. In the communication between two departments is poor or breaks down, delays in guest check-in will occur , or people will be checked into rooms that are thought to be ready but that in fact are occupied or not ready. If this happens often, the hotel’s reputation will suffer. Usually work day begins very early in the morning, when the front desk provides the housekeeping department with a report called the night ckerk’s room report. The main idea of this report is to inform all workers about the status of all guestrooms in the property as it appears on the front desk

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