Main Sources Of Cost Data

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We are requested to assist the building with creating a method of construction cost data for client throughout the pre contract. The task of data collection is a difficult procedure and can be include to wide variations. Based upon our experience as quantity surveyors we chose to develop a cost data collection method. Our define construction line items and quantities for relativity building types.
The method that provides the best opportunity for cost data collection was noted as the Bills of Quantity method. This method appears to have advantages over the other methods but yet even with the Bills of Quantity method some potential pitfalls exist.
A Bill of Quantity is basically a listing by trade of certain construction components that make up the total project. The project may be a building. The Bill of Quantity documents quantities for each element of the building type such as cubic meters of concrete foundations or square meters of roofing material. Bill of Quantity is used frequently to assist in developing tenders or bids for projects. The Bill of Quantity will be provided by the quantity surveyor. Once the quantity of concrete footing is known a unit price to cover for material, labor and equipment is applied to develop the cost of each line item or component. The total project is basically include of all the individual line items.

A Modified Approach
In our approach, we have attempted
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