Main Sources Of Electrical Power

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Practical Exercise One (10%): There are five major sources of electrical power worldwide and four other sources that are not used widely at this time. Using your state?s electrical grid, identify the sources of electrical power used by your state and then attempt to locate the major power plants and substations. Try to identify the major components of these plants and substations. Try to establish the connection between power generation, transmission and distribution in your state. Compare and contrast the efficiency of the various types of power plants in your state. Go to a local library and on line to find how many resources are available addressing your topic. Write a short paper (3-5 pages) discussing the results of your research, what databases, if any, were available, the amount of information available on the subject, and whether you believe that the information exists for you to create a map of your state?s electric power network. Use the?H-PU APA Guidelines for Academic Papers?(located under course resources) and the APA Example Paper template to guide your development of this paper. Open Source Information Showcasing Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution in the State of Illinois The State of Illinois electrical grid consists of a variety of power generating sources that provide electricity to transportation, industrial, residential, and commercial customers within the state. Based on estimated 2008 statistics, the percentage of end-use by energy
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