Main Stages Of Economical Development

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According to the Institute of Mecanical Engineers, if population still growing on the same rates, there will be more than nine billions of people until the end of century and the production of food will need to increase in three billion mouths to can feed all people. Knowing that 30% to 50% of all food produced is wasted, to solve or to minimize it is the first stage to combat hunger. Food waste is also a wastage of many other resources, such as water, energy and land, which need to be protected. However, food production is not a simple process and it follows a large number of steps that need to be developed and improved in order to achieve a greater use of all food produced. The IMechE (20013) suggests that there are three stages of…show more content…
In developed countries, the infrastructure is not a problem and techniques of farming, storage and process food are efficient, but losses happen in market place and home steps. In these countries, people waste food because this appearance is not according to some marketing standards. Wastage is different according to country development and happens in different parts of the process to produce food. So, there are not only one solution to this problem, but some minor solutions that are associated with the many steps of production. In the field, meat production is a problem because it uses more resources than the crops production. Firstly, meat production consumes much more water if was compared with the crops consumption. For example, 1kg of beef spends almost 15000 litres of water to be produced, while a cabbage spends just 237 litres (IMechE, 2013). Secondly, plantations need smaller areas of land in comparison to the livestock .Thirdly, plants that are used to feed animals should be used to feed people (Godfray et al., 2010). To reduce meat consumption in a world diet could be a simple and efficient solution, because more people could be fed with the same resources of water and land. However, Godfray et al. (2010) claims that some plants that are used to feed animals could not be used to feed people and lands where these are planted are not appropriate to cultivate
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