Main Stages Of Economical Development

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According to the Institute of Mecanical Engineers, if population still growing on the same rates, there will be more than nine billions of people until the end of century and the production of food will need to increase in three billion mouths to can feed all people. Knowing that 30% to 50% of all food produced is wasted, to solve or to minimize it is the first stage to combat hunger. Food waste is also a wastage of many other resources, such as water, energy and land, which need to be protected. However, food production is not a simple process and it follows a large number of steps that need to be developed and improved in order to achieve a greater use of all food produced.
The IMechE (20013) suggests that there are three stages of economical development. The population of fully developed countries, such as some of European countries, is decreasing in quantity and increasing in age. Late-stage developing nations, for example China, are reducing their growth population rates and with that, their population is becoming older, while newly developed countries, for instance some countries from Africa, have high rates of population growth and their population is mostly young. Each stage represents one kind of development and, consequently, countries from different stages presents different problems. In the thirty case, these countries have almost no infrastructure, present problems in transportation and harvesting steps and do not have good farmer conditions. Lage-stage…
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