Main Steps in the Strategic Training and Development Process

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The first step is the business strategy, wherein the organization sets out its mission, values and goals. The second step is when the organization develops its strategic training and development initiatives. Under this step, the organization will diversify its learning portfolio and improve customer service. This approach also calls for accelerating the pace of employee learning, and building systems to capture and share knowledge.
The next area of the process lies with the implementation of the initiatives, specifically the training and development activities. The company can, for example, institute web-based training initiatives. In order to improve the quality of training, the company can also make development planning mandatory. Another online method for developing initiatives is to build web sites and other tools for knowledge sharing, so that members of the organization can help to train each other. In addition if the amount of customer service training is increased, this should help as well.
The fourth area is to develop metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the training initiatives. Metrics allow the company to test its efforts and make adjustments to the program to improve effectiveness. There should be specific learning objectives that can be measured. The organization should also factor in broad-based organizational improvement. Other measures can…
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