Main Storytelling Techniques You Can Apply

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Main storytelling techniques you can apply: (Students select 3 from the options and explain in details) Storytelling has long held an important role in history. People have passed down stories from generation to generation. It has served as a way to explain and understand the world. There are many different types of stories, which are told for many different purposes. Stories help explain different phenomena, cultural beliefs, attitudes, traditions, and much more. In this unit, we will be focusing on folktales and traditional stories arising from the students’ heritages. Storytelling has many key values for both the individual telling the story and the people listening to the story being told. Among the values that storytelling instils in…show more content…
In this session you are required to provide a detailed report covering the following points: 1. Research of a well-constructed argument based on four documented secondary and two primary research sources, develop effective visual and written slides to compare two options and make your final position clear through different reasoning. You need to provide the evidences for your submission. 2. Conduct a self evaluation and design a survey to seek feedback from two sources. Designed survey: (Students need to design min. 5 questions to ask the presentation audiences about how they feel about your presentation:) Q1: how was the presentation topic beneficial? Q2: Briefly describe about the topic? Q3: Define the topic? Q4: briefly describe the importance of the topic? Q5: what were the key points of the topic? 3. List and discuss the advantages and disadvantages by using different ways of communicating for 4 different purposes. Advantages by using different ways of communicating: Advantages of written communication:  Easy to preserve: The documents of are written communication easy to preserve. Oral and non-verbal communication cannot be preserved. If it is needed, important information can be collected from the preserved documents.  Easy presentation of complex matter: Written communication is the best way to represent any complex matter easily and attractively.  Permanent record: The documents of written communication act as a
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