Main Styles Of Racing That Have Affected The American Culture

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Four Main Styles of Racing that have Affected the American Culture:

A Review of Some Related Stories, Articles and Literature

Tammy Smithers

Popular Culture 394, 001-2015-030

Professor J. Chowning

April 29, 2015

America has been fascinated with racing since the 1800’s and there are so many types of auto racing in America and each one is unique. Automobile racing is a competition race between cars and drivers. Even the first motor race between steam engines took place around 1867, this was 65 years after the steam engine on the road.
The first arranged race took place on August 30, 1867. They raced over a distance of 8 miles and they were both solid fire steam engines. As time went on legislation from
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Other aspects of driver protection could be addressed using established automotive test techniques.
Let’s look into Formula One, the foundation of Formula One began in 1946 with the Federation Internationale de l’Autombile. The name Formula One refers to a set of rules that all cars and drivers must comply with. Formula One uses the points systems and various styles have been in place. The current systems dates back to 2010 and awards the top 10 cars points there was talk about starting Formula One back in the 1930’s but World War II began and Formula One was placed on hold. Originally there were people who wanted a driver’s championship, and this did not take place till 1950 in Silverstone. One month earlier the first F1 race had taken place in PAU. Formula One unlike the other styles of racing only had a few championship races. This changed more in 1983, when fuel cost and the economy predicted a part of how the races would be ran.
Our most recent Formula One cars are designed with a single seat open wheel racer. They are built mainly from carbon filter composites. In our last season cars were powered by 1.6 litre turbocharged v-6 hybrid engines. Many of these were Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes Benz. Most racing teams are cautious giving out information about their engine, car and performance. There are technical guidelines that the Formula 1 engine will put around 600 horsepower with hybrid drivetrain, this is in addition to the 160
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