Main Sustainable Business Practices, Relational Dynamics Between Firms Essay

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Social responsibility of companies is one of the sharpest and most discussed topics among government, civil society and the business world. With the start of the global economic disaster, interest in this topic has become even more important because of the growing importance of business in the stability of social development, and a corresponding increase of the requirements for its openness and transparency for the public. The sustainability implies responsible business in the economic, social and environmental fields, which should be focused not only on the profit achievement, but also take into account the expectations of all stakeholders. This paper summarize the main sustainable business practices, relational dynamics between firms, the support structures for innovative sustainable practices and strategic intelligence for increaing interface between policy and business. Role of the different actors in supply network. The supply chain has been defined as ‘the network of organizations that are involved, through upstream and downstream linkages, in the different processes and activities that produce value in the form of products and services in the hands of the ultimate customer’ (Christopher, 1992, p.74). The main actors of supply network are: suppliers - producers - warehouses - distributors - wholesaler - retailer - customer - end user. It is important to take into account such kind of actors like service providers: logistics - finances - market researchers - product
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