Main Theological Theme Of Revelation

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Main Theological Theme of the Book of Revelation Based on Revelation 20:1-15 The main theological theme of the Book of Revelation as shown in Rev. 20:1-15 is God’s final judgment and eternal defeat over sin and God’s enemies. Christian believer’s from John’s time to the 21st century can find hope in God’s faithfulness to bring about a new heaven and a new earth with everlasting peace. When reading and interpreting Revelation, it is important to understand the genre of the writing. “’Revelation’ or ‘apocalypse’ (Gk: apokalypsis), indicates the origin and authority of what follows. The word means an ‘unveiling’; a means to insight into the past, present, and future; an alternative vision to the normal perception of reality. Characteristics of this genre include: a two-level view of reality in which heavenly and earthly event are closely linked, a narrative framework with the secrets of heaven and God’s eschatological purposes are revealed, cosmic dualism, description of ascents to heaven and the final battle between the armies of God and Satan, elaborate images and symbols and the mediation of revelation through angels.” Thus, this framework must be considered when reading the texts to prevent making dogmatic applications to prophetic literature. Debate over the interpretation of Rev. 20:1-6 has produced three traditional perspectives of the millennial period mentioned in the text. “These views are: amillennial, premillennial, and postmillennial.” Each millennial
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