Main Types Of A Network

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Part One: Hubs: Hubs are used to construct a network by connecting multiple computers in a star / hierarchical network topology, the most common form of local networks now every day. A hub is a simple device when it is sent bits of computer data from A to B, it is not to examine the purpose, instead, it sends the signal to all other computer (B, C, D ..) within the network. B will then get it, while rejecting the other nodes. This confirms that the traffic is released. Hubs works in the Physical layer in TCP/IP protocol stack. There are two main types of stroke: 1. Liability: The signal is transmitted as it is (it does not need power). 2. Active: The signal is amplified, so they function as a repeater. In fact, they were called a multiport repeater. (PSU) Hubs can be connected to expand the network to other platforms with an uplink port. Switches: Switches place the other side are more advanced then hubs, Instead of diffusion through the frame, a controlled switch makes for the destination MAC address and forwards the appropriate port only reach the computer. In this way, switches reduce traffic and divide the collision domain into segments, which is very suitable for busy LANs and protects photos, from other computers sniffed the same segment. A table with the MAC address belongs to which segment is built. If a destination MAC address is not in the table, it sends all segments except the source segment. If the same objective as the source of the frame is rejected.
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