Maine Nephrology Associates, An 11 Physician Specialty Practice Essay

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I am pleased to share with you my mock strategic plan for Maine Nephrology Associates, an 11 physician specialty practice that specializes in the treatment of kidney disease and hypertension. With contributions from the National Kidney Foundation, patients, providers and staff, Maine Nephrology was given the opportunity to influence the direction of the practice over the next several years. This strategic plan represents a true consensus of the stakeholders of Maine Nephrology Associates. In the plan you will find that Maine Nephrology will continue to serve the public that have made Maine Nephrology Associates one of the leading private practices servicing the renal community in southern Maine. As Maine Nephrology is broadening their scope of practice, they are not only helping patients with end stage renal disease, but also those patients in early stages of kidney disease, along with those at risk for kidney disease due to hypertension and/or diabetes. Maine Nephrology follows the vision of The National Kidney Foundation which was established in 1950 by Ada DeBold in an effort to save the life of her young son. As a small child, he was diagnosed with pediatric nephrosis, a disease that causes the kidney to lose protein and in turn the body develops swelling. In the 1950’s this disease was debilitating and had more than a ninety percent mortality rate. In an effort to find a cure, a group of clinicians and researchers were put together to share their findings to develop

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