Mainely Needlepointer's 'Thread And Gone'

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Thread And Gone is the third book in the Mainely Needlepoint series. Another great story for this enjoyable series.

With Grams and Pastor Tom off on their honeymoon, Angie is preparing her first 4th of July dinner for her friends, the Mainely Needlepointer's. As they are about to begin their dessert, Mary Clough and her boyfriend Rob Trask show up and ask to speak with Angie. Ethan Trask, Rob's brother, and a state trooper has told them to talk with Angie about what appears to a very example of needlepoint. Mary, who is close to her 18th birthday, has been busy cleaning out the family home she has inherited. Angie and Sarah feel sure that the needlepoint piece may date back to the late 1500's and having been made by Mary Queen of Scots.
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