Mainstream Youth Subcultures

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In modern society, youths are encouraged to stand out and as a result, this ‘subculture population’ is ever increasing. Such mass media labelling has resulted in such a creation of these youth subcultures that evidentially exist and they have become mainstream. Changes that occur within society and mainstream however lead to the emergence of new subcultures whereby old ones change or disappear. Such transition is apparent between these two films, from the ‘mods’ within the 1960’s to ‘chavs’ and hoodies today. The two films are evidently driven by their dramatic media representations of youth subcultures. Quadrophenia was presented 30 years before the release of Harry Brown which focuses on the two main subcultures that existed, the…show more content…
Such behaviour was exaggerated and ‘amplified’ which also created an undesired response of moral panic within society towards all youths resulting in ‘deviancy amplification’ (Wilkins, 1964). Thus, ‘mods’ and ‘rockers’ were both labelled deviant subcultures and all youths were deemed to be part of these deviant subcultures becoming the foundation of the mainstream thinking which spiralled out of control during the late twentieth century. Such distortion of these youths proposed by Roddam’s film of Quadrophenia evidentially sparked a very powerful effect. Such a powerful media effect relates to Gerbners Cultivation Theory (1986) which suggests that the perceptions of society regarding youth subcultures and crime have been heavily influenced by mass media representations. This suggests that people who engage more within the media have a higher expectation of crime and overestimate the levels of gang crime which results in an effect of their perceptions of young people. The more gang crime people see within the media, the more likely they are to be more fearful and aware of it which was a response of the film as discovered. Social structure theorists believe the key elements to such youth criminal behaviour shown by the subcultures in Quadrophenia are the dominance of social and economic structures that are noticeable in rundown areas whereby the majority of
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