Mainstreaming Interview

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Report of an Interview with a Afterschool Tutor in Mainstreaming School

Special Education has gained the attention from Hong Kong government in this decade and the government has been working on how to provide an equal opportunity learning environment for SEN student. However, there is a contention about the efficacy of the policy. For more information from firsthand experiences, an interview with Ms. Ng has been done on 17November2017. Ms. Ng aged at 27 is a part time student of Advanced Diploma in Applied Social Sciences (Counselling) in HKUSPACE and graduated from IVE with Diploma of Foundation in Social Service. She has been working at YMCA a community center as a program assistance for 3 years and an afterschool class tutor for
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When students with SEN are taught the same knowledge at the same time with typical students, teachers without professional training might take longer time to overcome their questions when they have difficulties in learning. Ms Ng suggested teacher in mainstreaming school should have a 30mins meeting or training about Integration each week to have better preparation for SEN. For Ms Ng’s personal experiences, teachers should mind their words and phrases during class because students with SEN are sensitive with language. She has a P.2 student with learning disabilities who is in mainstreaming school, he is responsible and happy to help others. He turned into another person when he was struggling with homework. She tried to comfort him to say ‘’take your time!’’ but He becomes paranoid when he does not know how to do the homework. She finally figured out that her words stimulated her student and get him into a situation that he think he is stupid and need more time to get the homework done. Making rules for behaviors and give clear instruction are essential to Ms Ng, especially for students with ADHD. It is difficult to get their attention and following directions. Sometimes, they would talk loudly in the classroom and other students are influenced to learn. Ms Ng would explain the
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