Mainstreaming Special Needs

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Mainstreaming special needs
The soaring cost of special education for disabled students has been appropriately integrated into public schools for the common good of all students from various social classes. Special education has had a deep histroy that has been characterized by a score of legislations that has set this form of education and how it is administered to assimilate students with learning disabilities into standard classrooms. In both the United Kingdom and the United States, the first account of special education recognizes the deaf and blind students. In England the first school to cater for special education was the Liverpool Blind School in the year 1791. In the United States, the first ever special education school was
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In spite of these legislations, the law was not acted upon or rather implemented immediately. Still, it took time for compulsory education for all to be actualized (Kesha 120). The next stage in the development of special education was segregatioin that sought to iinvolve student with disabilities in the same learning instutions as all other students, but in in isolate classrooms. However, this changed upon the enactment of the all handicapped Children Act of 1975, which introduced mainstreaming. This had a postive implication in that handicapped chidren were included and encouregaed to particpate in regualr classrooms hence the period of integration dawned. This was a remarkable achievement and the Act pertaining to education for the handicapped was amended to include six new critical elements in fostering special education. These elements were: parental participation in the special education process, legititmate process to enforece accountability, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to formulate a custom program for each student, Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) that allowed the disabled children in regular classrooms as much as possible, A program to find and assess disabled children in a fair manner, free and approprioate public education (FAPE) for all children. In the 20th century the law regarding special education (IDEA) Individuals with Disabilities
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