Mainstreaming Vs. Inclusion: The Best Possible Outcome.

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Mainstreaming vs. Inclusion: The Best Possible Outcome While there are many aspects of the education system that are constantly under question and review there is a relatively new idea that is changing the classroom dynamic all together. The question is if mainstreaming students with disabilities or having special classrooms to meet their needs enhances their learning experience. The traditional classroom environment for children with special needs is to be in their own classrooms with specific teachers who are trained to accommodate their needs. These classrooms have an individualized curriculum and environment to maximize their learning potential. The primary goal of school is to maximize learning for all students. While socialization…show more content…
If mainstreaming became the procedure for all schools, it would eliminate the need for special education teachers all together. “Most of us are very uncomfortable around the handicapped. We are not accustomed to having them isolated and do not come into contact with them often. It is difficult, if not impossible, for teachers to provide an accepting atmosphere in a classroom if they do not feel comfortable with special needs children” (Stoner 40). Not everyone has a personality to have the patience and acceptance of differences that it takes to work with special needs. If every teacher had to teach special needs it could dramatically reduce the number of people willing to teach. By forcing all teachers to teach special education not all teachers will have the same passion for special needs that all teachers do. This could create a classroom dynamic that does much more harm than good. According to a recent study in Canada where 36 fifth and sixth grade students were placed in classrooms from five different school districts that all had full inclusion policies and then were asked about the experience. There were seven themes that were constantly brought up when asked to recall their classroom experience. The top theme, brought up by 41% of the statements, was about the importance of including the teacher. One of the children stated, “Teachers can go to the kid with the disability, and say,

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