Mainstreaming of Learning Disabled into Regular Classroom

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The classroom scenario that I chose to present relates to the mainstreaming of the learning disabled into a regular classroom. The portrayal that I am going to use will be one of a veteran teacher who will be mainstreaming learning disabled into her classroom. I hope that you find this appropriate and fulfilling as I did. Twenty year veteran teacher, whom we will call Mrs. H., has been told that her classroom is soon to be mainstreamed with learning disabled students. Mrs. H is not very agreeable to this idea, yet she knows that she has to accept it as part of her current position as educator. Principal G has been approached by the parents of the learning disabled with complaints that the students in Mrs. H class are not being…show more content…
The third question was regarding whether the student should remain in the general classroom; 41% responded yes, 27% said it depended on certain factors, 26% said no, and 6% were unsure. The fourth and final question was whether the learning disabled student in the general classroom presented the teacher with more demands. Not surprising to me was the fact that 68% responded yes, 25% responded no, and 7% were unsure. My personal interpretation of this survey in relation to the mainstreaming situation is very direct. Many educators feel the learning disabled students are different from the other students. They lack the skills to succeed, therefore the classroom needs to be adjusted for them. Almost half of the educators felt the students could remain in the general classroom, while about a quarter of them wanted the learning disabled removed and another quarter would allow the student to remain if he met certain factors. Those teachers who did not want to conform and allow the student to remain need to be presented with options for adapting their methods of academic presentation, infiltration to peer discussion groups and evaluation procedures. References Kreinberg, N., Chow, S. H., & Far West Lab for Educational Research and Development, S. (1973). Configurations of Change: The Integration of Mildly Handicapped Children into the Regular
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