Essay Maintain an Environment to Empower People with Disabilities

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MAINTAIN AN ENVIRONMENT TO EMPOWER PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES Assessment 21382/01 Task 1 Answer the following questions and exercises: 1. Detail five (5) ways that you can support and encourage the independence and self determination of a person with a disability. * Assist people to maintain their dignity by maintaining existing valued social roles and by finding ways for them to gain more valued roles. * Respect the individual’s right to self-esteem and self-determination. It’s not just the right of able-bodied people, say something positive; catch them doing something positive. * Assist people in developing new skills and competencies by providing emotional and practical support. * Ensure they actively…show more content…
5. How could you support a person to make more choices/decisions within their current environment? * By giving them more information and the experience of the range of choices and options that are available to them. Do not pressure the person being supported about what is their decision and give them time to think and decide. 6. Explain how the Federal Disability Services Act (1986) looks at the rights of people with a disability and assists them to achieve positive outcomes. * Federal Disability Services Act (1986) explains the right of the people with disabilities to be treated as equal, respect for their human worth no matter what culture, race, sex, whatever the origin, type and degree of disability have the same fundamental rights as other members of Australian society. People with disabilities have the same right as other members of Australian society to services which will support their attaining an acceptable quality of life. * In assisting them to achieve positive outcome the services focus on the achievement of the positive outcomes for people with disabilities, such as increased independence, employment opportunities and integration into the community. 7. What would happen in an organisation to a worker when there has been a serious
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