Maintaining A Balance Between Work And Life

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Maintaining a balance between work and life requires a determined mindset to perform activities that will benefit a person’s career success, self-care, and personal relationships. This statement is truer for professional employees and workers. Nowadays, the task of balancing between office and home means something must be given up. In most cases, the sacrifice is the employee’s time to take care of himself, take care of his personal fitness. Science has proven that working out and adopting a healthy diet will not only reduce stress, but they also create a beneficial discipline that will enhance the work-life harmony and career success. Gym hours do not have to be long, and meals do not have to be processed if the employees learn how to incorporate intensive and effective workouts with healthy diets.
Stress’s relationship to fitness and health
According to the American Institute of Stress, the main causes of stress constitute forty-six percent from workload, twenty-eight percent from personal issues, and twenty percent from juggling work/personal lives. Stress can lead to a chain reaction of depression, personal conflicts, and a disequilibrium of work and life. Many workers are pressured by deadlines that they often do not have time to cook at home and are forced to rely on fast food chains, which offer unhealthy options. Deadline pressure also encourages ignoring exercising. In consequence, an unmanaged stress results in cut back in self-care and possibilities of
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