Maintaining A Balance When It Improves Inside A Company Or Corporation

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Maintaining a balance when it comes to wellbeing inside a company or corporation is one of the main task that leaders have to take. However, in order for leaders to maintain such wellbeing inside a company, peoples pay or benefits in to be maintain otherwise not even a great leader might help maintain the works content. Benefits and health it is even more important for does works who are employed by a city. This is because being employee on a city, people expect their benefits to be right on point. However, the budget of this reading was extremely low, leading for city employees to do something about it in order to maintain a budget that would continue to pay for their workers labor. This is where the problem started, many of the workers are currently utilizing the health benefits in order to help their family. There is one special case of a man who has a child who is severely ill, and needs the health benefit no matter what. Nevertheless, decision like this have to be made, and here is where leadership needs to kick in.
Herzberg’s way
Herzberg proposes several way to maintain employee’s motivation to continue practicing their specific task. Herzberg proposes one thing called “The motivation to work”. Herzberg did a study where he came to conclude 5 job satisfactions and dissatisfactions. The five satisfaction he found where: achievement, recognition, work itself, responsibility, and advancement (Starling, 2015). If this five satisfaction where introduce in any company or
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