Maintaining A Safe Working Environment

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Keep Safe We spend more time working that we do with our families. Therefore, it is important to make friendships, feeling like part of the work family and to have a have a safe work environment. When an employee is able to do all of these, they will be happy and productive which will help make the company more successful. There are five steps used when creating a safe work environment. These are respect the wall, honor others, suspend judgment, value differences and be trustworthy (Smalley, 2007). This paper will discuss how a coach can create a safe working environment leading to healthy relationships in the work environment.
Respect the Wall
Respect wall is actually termed the relationship wall and is the first step in creating a safe environment (Smalley, 2007). When you meet a person for the first time there is usually some guarding of feelings, emotions and character from the other party. This is done to create a space because the other person does not know you, nor do they trust you yet. This happens to a new employee when they start a new job or position. They feel very uncomfortable and out of place in the new surroundings. This is the perfect opportunit for a company to assign a coach. The coach can do several things to make them feel like part of the team. These include mentoring, showing them around, introducing them to other employees, helping with paperwork and discussing them their new responsibilities. However, a coach can not come in with a
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