Maintaining Agricultural Farmlands for the World's Growing Population

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This has also led to many shortages of food, due to high demand because of the increasing population. Demographists worry that if this growing issue continues to hurt food consumption of povertized countries, than there will be more deaths because the population is increasing, but the food levels are staying the same, or even decreasing. Some of these demographists believe that this is occurring, because the developed countries are intaking too much food. Others believe that this is because of the overpopulated countries, and the fact that they are in higher need for food because of their population. Another problem that arises within this is deforestation. Deforestation is a part of this growing problem because when massive woodlands are cut down, the lands become dry and bodies of water in or around the land dry up, making crops unsuitable for crop growth and crop rotation, leading to the lands to turn into non-arable lands. This is also known as desertification. This correlates with population growth because if lands become non-arable, then crops won’t grow there, leading to starvation in developing countries with higher population needs and demands. Although some people are taking action for the problems that this issue has given us, we’re still nowhere near solving the problem. This issue is very…
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