Maintaining Apple 's Backdoor Key

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Nguyen Nguyen
Professor Patrick D. Murphy
English 1302.91446
November 1, 2016
Maintaining Apple’s backdoor key
Nowadays, we are living in the modern technology life; therefore, our information usually is stored in Laptop, iPhone, iPad or can be shared on social network. That is why Apple created an un-crackable encryption software. I support that idea. My Facebook account used to be logged in by a hacker, and I could not log in into my account. Fortunately, I was able to regain that account through my email. Therefore, when I read Darrell Issa’s article “Forcing Apple to Hack That iPhone Sets a Dangerous Precedent” that was published in Wired Magazine, I extremely agree with the author. Issa wrote the article in response to the government who is forcing Apple to allow the FBI to un-clock the iPhone. While the answer has not been set, the author only hopes “lawmakers must be sure to protect citizens’ right to privacy and preserve the integrity of the online security protocols that help keep us all safe” (the article).
In order to support his claim, Issa used rhetorical strategies. The author offers an example and a question that sounds like he wants Apple to unlock their encryption software at first glance: “Apple should be forced to engineer new software to allow the FBI to unlock the iPhone” and “Why shouldn’t law enforcement have access to information that could help us hunt down other terrorists or even to help prevent other terrorist attacks in the future?” (Issa).
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