Essay Maintaining Confidentiality

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Maintaining Confidentiality Course 117 TWO contact hours By: Monica Oram, RN, BSN Upon completion of this course the reader will be able to achieve the following objectives: 1. Define confidentiality and related key terms 2. Define the concepts concerning confidentiality 3. Understand what is considered confidential information 4. Understand the outcomes of breach of confidentiality 5. Understand responsibilities as a healthcare worker with private and confidential information. 6. Understand about informed consent 7. Recognize confidentiality related to HIV/AIDS patients Defining Key Terms Confidentiality is a term that indicates preserving the privacy of the persons in which you care for. This…show more content…
This is due to the regulations and impositions of rules and laws that have gone into affect under a law placed into effect by Congress and the Dept. of Health and Human Services. If you are unfamiliar with HIPAA, it is highly advisable to research HIPAA and know how this law effects YOU! It does and will effect all personnel in the healthcare industry in some form or fashion. Sanctions and fines are quite hefty for those who violate the laws. (see course 106 for more on HIPPA) Also considered confidential are: 15 Lab tests and X-rays 16 Blood work 17 MRI and CT scan 18 Any diagnostic procedure done on the patient 19 Any physical contact that involves examination 20 Personal care 21 Toileting and dressing Breach of Confidentiality There are two types of OUTCOMES related to breach of confidentiality. Outcome can be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. Positive outcomes Positive outcomes of a breach in confidentiality include: 22 Suspected abuse or neglect can be investigated 23 Possible future abuse and neglect may be avoided or prevented 24 A suicide or attempted suicide may be prevented 25 Appropriate interventions may be initiated for a resident or client to get help in appropriate related areas. Do not ever assume that someone else will take care of getting the information to the
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