Maintaining Proper Time Management Skills

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It is known that maintaining proper time management skills will constitute into leading a successful personal and professional life. Time management is important but is often a struggle amongst professionals; me being one of many who are struggle. After carefully analyzing my routine, I’ve noticed that I often struggle with making it to appointments in a timely manner, completing assignments long before the due date, and committing to multiple engagements at the same time. At first, I would conclude that I was just overwhelmed with my duties but later found out that my time management skills were suffering.
As a working graduate student, the procrastination on given assignments and appointments increased tremendously; as expected. According to Nonis and Hudson, today’s college students are less prepared for college level work than their predecessors. (2010) Once students get to college, they tend to spend fewer hours studying while spending more hours working. (Nonis and Hudson, 2010) As years passed, many college students have more responsibilities hence the need to work while in school. With increased responsibility, priorities tend to be rearranged and an area of your life may be neglected. Both Nonis and Hudson believe that due to outside obligations, the students’ would be negatively affected academically. (Nonis and Hudson 2010) Nonis and Hudson tested they’re hypothesis by connecting the direct relationship between the time spent on academics outside of the classroom…
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