Maintaining a Healthy Body

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Maintaining a Healthy Body

There are many theories and definitions to what a Healthy Body is. Health can be defined in terms of the absence of disease, which can be described as a negative approach to health (1). However another definition is that health are a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease (2).
Each individual body is different therefore it can be difficult to perceive if they are healthy. By looking at a person you can see if they are in good physical health, that is, you can see if they are overweight (obese), or if they are extremely underweight (anorexia). However a healthy body is so much more than how a person looks physically and what they eat or how much
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Our gums and teeth can give us vital clues to other health issues. Bleeding gums, dry mouth, fungal infections and cavities – these may be an indication to diabetes of some more severe conditions such as HIV and Leukemia (12). Another serious illness is Oral cancer, the main risk factors for oral cancer are tobacco or alcohol and if these two are combined together it appears to multiply the risk (13). Oral cancer including lip, salivary gland, oral and pharyngeal tissues is the one of the cancer groups with approx 4500 new cases a year in the UK, with over 2000 deaths. If oral cancer is caught in the earliest stage the survival rate is around 90% but if it is not detected until the later stage this falls to around just 20% (13). Researchers also suggest that poor Oral health can lead a risk to heart disease. Inflammation in the body, including the mouth and gums, plays an important role in the buildup of clogged arteries which can over time lead to a heart attack (14).
As the main organ in our circulatory system it is important to look after our heart. The purpose of the heart is to pump blood around our body. Not looking after our heart can result in many problems for our health, a lot of which have been mentioned previously such as high blood pressure, angina and some more serious conditions like heart failure,
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