Maintaining and Optimizing Windows 7 Essay

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Maintaining and Optimizing Windows 7



This study guide is intended to educate Windows 7 users on how to maintain and optimize their Windows 7 computer. Maintenance is important to keep the system running smoothly and perform at its best. Maintenance is the key to keeping an operating system running free from error and give the user the best possible performance. Most people do not think to take care of their system this way, so we made this guide to give you a few examples of simple things that can be done to optimize Windows performance. In this guide, we will cover the following procedures:

Examine the System Stability Chart

View Current
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Viewing the computer's current activity is a great way to find out exactly what is causing the system to function improperly. Usually a user will experience a problem when running a certain program. In the test case here, a user is trying to figure out if a calendar program he uses is causing his system to crash. The user stated that he does not know if anyone else is having issues with the program and he can't pinpoint and certain times that his system has problems. Also, he has verified that he has not recently installed any new hardware. Here are the steps that should be followed to check the Current Activity in Windows 7.

Make sure the suspect program is open, in this case the program is on the Desktop, named joecal. If the program is not open, then double click the icon to open it.
Once open, minimize any Windows associated with the program, but make sure it stays open to test it.
Click Start and enter the words “Performance Monitor” into the search box. (The User Account Control Window will open and click Yes to proceed)
At this point, the Performance Monitor will open and display to Overview of Performance Monitor.
Right-Click Monitoring Tools on the left and select the Resource Monitor. And example is below.

Part 3. Identify the Application that is Causing the Performance Issue

Notice that the CPU
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