Maintenance Costs in the Petrochemical Industry

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Maintenance costs in the Petrochemical Industry Introduction Maintenance is key factor in lowering the loss cost, by avoiding down time, and improving the performance of a petrochemical industry. The equipments and systems in the petrochemical industry are made to operate under a number of extreme operating conditions, which the resulting stress can affect the working life of the equipment. Maintenance is undertaken to preserve the proper functioning of a physical system. Its function and performance characteristics not only take account of output unit cost, but also factors such safety, and end of product quality. Maintenance costs Today’s business is characterized by increasing globalization and competitiveness, the major objective is to reduce the production loss cost, which means, operate with the lowest relative cost, but still offer superior customer value. Maintenance is generally wrongly regarded as cost centre, while improvements that have been brought by effective maintenance performance are credited to other areas such as production, operation, quality etc. Maintenance is undertaken to preserve the proper functioning of a physical system, its function take account of not only output costs, but also factors such as end of product quality, protection of employed personnel, physical appearance of the production system, etc. Therefore, quality of maintenance significantly affects business profitability. The technology of maintenance is about finding and applying
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