Maitland Motors Dilemma

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Julian F. Perez 4/25/12 Marketing 620 Case Study Maitland Motors Dilemma Bruce Maitland owns Maitland Motors, a Ford/Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Twin Cities. It is the year of 1984 and the business is running very good thanks to important leases deals with Wisconsin-National, Inc. for the last 4 years. Bruce Maitland was able to start business with this well established corporation by becoming friend of Chuck Harper; a successful manager that with the past of time advanced through the corporation reaching top executive level which benefited Maitland Motors as well. Bruce Maitland provided personal favors to Chuck Harper and his successors within the path of Chuck’s career to be able to keep them happy and keep his business running…show more content…
The third alternative seems to be the least risky of the three; although finding new customers in a competitive market like car dealerships can become very hard. Several efforts need to be given by the corporate sales department to replace a contract as big as Wisconsin-National. At the end replacing a business like them would be really risky and slow and actions need to be taken immediately. I would recommend for Bruce to choose the first alternative given previously. I certainly believe keeping Chuck’s family friendship is very important not only for current business but also, for future businesses with related prospective customers. Given out a used car could sound like keep doing the same over and over again but actually, it could be a polite way to terminate their unethical behavior between them by specifying that the gift is from a friend to a friend and not related to the dealership; that will mark a difference. If Chuck takes this offensively and reacts negatively to his concerns, at least they will keep their friendship and in the long run opening

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