Maiya's Last Day: A Narrative Fiction

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On a brisk summer day, I worked tirelessly unloading box after box into my sister’s new dormitory. Her eyes were wide like most times, but on this particular day they seemed to have grown ten times the size then usual, because today marked her first day of freedom. Her first day out of the world she had left behind, and for her, a new adventure pulsing with mystery. “Maiya don’t drop that one, my makeup is in there!” “I'm sorry am I getting paid?” “Shut up and hurry up” Despite the fact, she had her face heavily made up or “fleeky” in her own words, her beauty captivated anyone: family, friends, suitors, strangers. She had an air the way she sashayed into the dorm’s steps, hair swaying side to side, attracting the eyes of passers by. “I’m going to miss you so much,” she said as the day came to a close.…show more content…
As we left we heard her in the distance, laughing with so easily made acquaintances. We drove off into the night and before I closed my eyes, my phones illuminates with the words “I love you.” **************************************** A year and a half goes by, and she came home for winter break and her face looked as if she has not seen the light of day for a year. Unresponsive and skinner, despite the meal plan that my parents clearly reminded her about each month, she was quiet and seemed to be inside of herself. “Heyyy welcome home!” I said as I run to her for our welcome home ritual. “...hi…” she said shortly and quiet, I sensed immediately that something was wrong, but I continued to pursue the conversation. “What do you want to do first, watch Netflix, talk, get something to eat?” “Maiya, can you go upstairs for a bit I need to talk with your sister,” my mom asks urgently.
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