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Overfishing Overfishing refers to the act of overexploiting fish such that they reduce to unacceptable limits. The problem occurs if humans harvest large fish quantities than they can be replaced via natural reproduction in a given water body. Although catching large amounts of fish appear profitable, it has dire social and economic consequences. Overfishing interrupts balance of the marine ecosystem. Similarly, majority of the coastal population depends on fishing as their source of livelihood. This implies that the overpopulation causes an economic crisis to both the people who rely on fishing occupation; as well as several people who rely on fish diets. For many centuries, the oceans have been a reliable source of fish diets that…show more content…
In poor countries where employment opportunities are limited, overfishing may result in a massive migration. Major cities and businesses in regions that are affected by fishing restrictions often collapse or develop at very slow rate (Newell, 2007). Overfishing dilemma Since there is no country that owns fish in the oceans, the developed countries with advanced technologies catch big fish quantities than developing nations with poor or no large fishing vessels. As a result, the developing countries with limited capital to invest in the fishing industry have resolved in selling fishing rights to international fishing services. On the same note, many countries have extensive patrols intended to protect unlicensed international fishing vessels from catching waters in other outcries territorial waters. Fishing vessels that are caught catching fish in restricted territorial waters are often subjected to heavy fines. Restrictive policies In various international waters, overfishing is a major problem such that it has made countries affected by the problem to develop various policies aimed at restricting individual vessels from overexploitation of fish. Examples of some of the latest restriction policies that countries have made to prevent overfishing include total allowable catch limits (TAC), season-length restrictions, vessel power

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