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Sales Management (Romano Pitesti Case)

A Comparison of the Sales Cultures between Tickford Flexible Products and Samuel Jones Ltd
A sales culture within any organization is defined based on the predetermined strategic objectives. A good sales culture will promote customer-company relationship hence creating brand loyalty effective for business growth. An organization that lacks an effective sales culture will always have increased customer complaints and lower sales performance. A company's sales culture is directed at driving the thinking efforts towards customer success. It calls for the instigation of an effective sales force that would improve the communication and at the same time ensure the company meets its goals and
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It calls for a documentation of additional company policies, rules, and procedures to control the behavior (Johnston & Marshall, 2013)
Employee Behavioral Analysis and Job Abilities
The conversation between David and Romano portrays some leadership weaknesses. Sales managers need to have diagnostic skills, which are assistive in analyzing the nature of the problem or opportunity in question. They need to recognize their legitimate power, which is essential in coercing and rewarding to gain submission and improve organizational performance. The position calls for a mastering of leadership concepts and supervision skills in order to have smooth internal operations directed towards the accomplishment of the company's goals and objectives. Tickton Flexible Products Ltd employees did not welcome the acquisition process between the two companies positively since they associated it with extreme diversification (Ingram et al, 2012). Samuel Jones employees were unhappy with the positions they held within the company since they felt demeaned by reporting to lower level managers. It led to divisions within departments in the organization and people complaining about each other. Romano's individualistic behavior contributed heavily to the scuffles that were ensuing in the company.
Jack Simpson, the then sales director, had received complaints about Pitesti's behavior. He directed Courtney to talk to Romano concerning the continuous occurrence of the behavior.
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