Major Campaigns of the American Revolution

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Major Campaigns of the American Revolution The New York and New Jersey Campaigns Actions: -British attacked New York City -The Battle of Staten Island -July 3rd, 1763 British were successful -this drove the Americans back to Manhattan - Drive for Manhattan -12,000 British soldiers moved to take New York City - This was accomplished successfully -Cornwallis manhandle of Americans - Chased Americans through New Jersey until they withdrew to Pennsylvania -Battle of Trenton -This was Washington’s counterstrike -Inconspicuously crossed the Delaware on Christmas night capturing nearly 1,000 Hessians -Battle of Princeton -Cornwallis’s attempt to recover Trenton -Washington retained ground Strategy:…show more content…
The War in the South and Cornwallis’ Surrender Action: -The British move south. - Capture of Savannah, Georgia - British military corps of 3,500 men accomplished this without much fight from American militiamen - This was accomplished under the lead of Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell -Defense of Savannah, Georgia - An attempt was made by French and American forces to reclaim Savannah - French naval ships were used to attempt to defeat British - Capture of Charleston, South Carolina - Headed by Sir Henry Clinton in 1780 - British had nearly 10,000 soldiers while the Continentals had merely 5,000 soldiers, half of those being militiamen. -Cornwallis Takes British Lead - British troops win at Battle of Camden, but soon the tables are turn by a valiant American effort at the Battle of King’s Mountain. - Under Cornwallis’s lead the British slowly lose territory in the South. - The Siege at Yorktown - Washington arrives at Yorktown with a complete force of approximately 20,000 men. - Americans converged on British and outnumbered them nearly 2-1 Strategy: - Capture of Savannah, Georgia -British -British force marched from their landing spot south of the town towards Savannah. -poor training of the
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