Major Causes Of The Vietnam War

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One of the major causes of the Vietnam War was the USA's foreign policy according to the Domino Theory (source 11). The Domino Theory was based on the idea that if one state became communist, then its' neighbouring states would inevitably become communist too (source 15); thus the USA's belief that the communist influence in South Vietnam would lead to a communist takeover in the whole of South-East Asia (source 11). Due to this, the USA decided to intervene in the struggle between the non-communist South and the Communist North (source11), bringing the Cold War context into Vietnam (source 11).

Furthermore, due to the development of the atomic bomb (source 9) and later the Arms' Race, both the USSR and the USA were extremely cautious to fight in a direct war with each other (source11). This meant that the USSR was only able to support North Vietnam through supplying China with arms who in turn would
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In the USA many anti-war protests were taking place in order to end the Vietnam War as many US citizens felt betrayed by their government after receiving news of the Tet Offensive(source14), which eventually resulted in the USA withdrawing from the Vietnam war through 'Vietnamisation' (source14).This was President Nixon's Vietnam Policy which aimed to train Vietnamese troops so that they could take over the war and the USA could withdraw from Vietnam.(source 14). Distrust in the US government also grew (source 12).
Another example of a more immediate effect was the large number of deaths during the war. (source 12).Massive bombings by the USA also resulted in a stagnant economy in Vietnam (source 16). The US army used herbicides which destroyed the natural environment which effected the economy a lot as Vietnam had an agricultural system (source 12); and they also used Napalm to burn Villages and forests(source 8). eventually Vietnam had one of the poorest economies in the world (source
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