Major Characters In The Story Of Sandra's Story

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Sam’s mother Sandra is another major character in the story. A word that best describes her is persistent. The reason for this Sandra was persistent by calling on Sam father's house every second. In the story, Sandra says, “Don't you tell me I can't talk to my own son . I'm his mother, and when I tell you to get him, you jump, understand?”(Pg 83 line 11). This quote illustrates Sandra’s worried about her son also she wanted to know why Sam sends her a letter to tell her he wants his father to sue her because of how she treated him and how she had a miserable life. This quote also shows that Sandra wasn't give up on calling Sam at his father's house because she wanted to talk to his son. Sandra can also be described as careless. In the story, she was helping doing anything in the house like cooking and cleaning. Another section of the story that shows this is when she was sleeping on the sofa house's with her boyfriend also she was smoking in the house. This is significant because parents have to know how to comport themselves around their children. Also single parents shouldn't bring girlfriends or boyfriends in the house while their children are in the house.
Sam’s relationship with his mother in the beginning of the story can best described as a worst relationship. The reason for this is because Sam and his mother always arguing about how Sam really wanted to live with his father also Sam didn't like when his mother was having her patients on her bedrooms. Sam attempts

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