Major Childhood Nostalgia

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Major childhood nostalgia is conveying with this particular post. Perhaps it is a true Texan quality to have watched the Andy Griffith show with your grandparents. Andy was a character that comes to mind when envisioning a police officer. However Barney, was not as sophisticated and clever as we may imagine an officer to be. Looking back on the example within the text that studied the submissive behavior of the pedestrians when asked to complete a task by a man in uniform versus a man in street clothing, I tried to visualize myself in their same predicament. I would have acted accordingly to what the other bystanders did, which was to comply with the officer figure and presumably ignore the request by the average looking man. An interesting…show more content…
Business communication broadly covered the idea of conveying a professionalism in each aspect of our working life because it works in our favor. Interviewing for a new job, presenting a new business venture or speaking to a department within your workplace are all enhanced with a professional wardrobe. Working in a healthcare facility, this chapter of Influence overly applied to my current job. An example that I would like to highlight is derived from drug representatives. There are studies that describe the phenomenon of the excessively good looking drug pushers. Just as any business would want to project their product in the best light, drug providers do the same. However, they may not be the best example to use a character such as Barney in their marketing scheme.
Saturday night live produces their entire show around portraying substantial leaders of the United States and other countries as goofy and ill mannered. Tina Fay could portray Alaska’s hockey mom Sarah Palin for a car stereo system company. Instead of playing classical or easy going music, Tina Fay could act as though she loves rap music. In a commercial she could be in her personal car blaring rap music while driving her kids to a hockey
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