Major Components Of The Criminal Justice System

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Major Components of the Criminal Justice System
Chelsea Sequeira
Citrus College
AJ 101

Criminal Justice There are 3 major components of the criminal justice system; Police, Courts, and Corrections. These 3 systems work in harmony to enforce laws, punishments for violators of the laws, and to help correct the behaviors of criminals. The police system works closely with the public to investigate crimes, arrest offenders, maintain public order and provide emergency and related services. They also help reduce or prevent crimes, enforce public safety, and enforcing laws. The police make sure to protect the freedom and fundamental rights of people. The police system consist of people in the roles of:
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It first starts with a crime being committed, let’s say Joe shot and killed Alex. A bystander reported the shooting to the police, the police and investigators that get assigned to this homicide, work with other members of the police system to investigate what happened and who was responsible for the crime. The police then determine that Joe shot and killed Alex. Joe is then found and arrested on murder charges. Now remember Joe is innocent until proven guilty by a judge or jury of his peers. This all happens within the Police system.
The following happens with the Court system: Joe is then arrested and booked into the county jail until his initial appearance usually a very brief encounter in the court room in which the judge presents the defendant with a list of crimes his is being charged with and the maximum punishment that is preset by the law. He is then taken back to the jail and held until a preliminary hearing is set. He goes to the preliminary hearing where the judge determines if there is enough evidence to proceed with a trial. If judge doesn’t think there is enough evidence to support the charges the charges will be dropped or dismissed. If the judge proceeds with the charges the next time he is in court will be for a bail or detention hearing. During this hearing, the judge determines if Joe is eligible for bail, a set amount of money the criminal pays in order to be

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