Major Counseling Theories For School Counselors

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Major Counseling Theories for School Counselors Kevin Gee Kutztown University Abstract This paper identifies the three major counseling theories that have been the most influential in the development of my ideas on counseling. The major points of Person-Centered Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy are looked at in brief. Each theory is then shown how a school counselor can apply them into their work with students. While one theory does not work for every situation in the school setting, each theory brings something beneficial to the school counselor. Keywords: counseling, behavior, person-centered, Adlerian, therapy Major Counseling Theories for School Counselors The role of a school counselor is an intriguing one because they do not work with a specific type of client. While they will always be working with young children or teenagers, the problems their clients come to them with can be so different from client to client. One session might be dealing with questions about career choices. Another might be about dealing with bullying. Some days a school counselor may even have to be there for a child who was a victim of sexual or physical abuse. It is because of this wide range of demands that a school counselor should be well-versed in many types of counseling theories. I, myself, struggle with finding a specific theory that I feel I am completely aligned with. I can see the benefit of certain theories as they apply to specific issues and I can
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