Major Dawit Speech

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I happened to listen to the speech of Major Dawit at Ethiopian national unity convention in Seattle with attention and great interest. I somehow share some of his ideas, in particular, the Amharas for being reclusive and targeted by the TPLF and its cronies for the last 26 years. Major Dawit is absolutely right when it hears that the Amhara is organized to defend itself, some people start to squeal like a pig unfairly against the Amhara, but when the Amharas massively killed for no reason by the TPLF, they stay silent. No ethnic group has been haunting and killed by the TPLF regime like the Amharas have been haunting and killed cruelly. It is true, as Major Dawit has spoken correctly that the Amhara is targeted by the TPLF, is not because
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