Essay on Major Depresive Disorder

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Depression can affect anyone at any stage of his or her lives. Mild depression is also termed “the blues’ and is described as feeling sad from lives normal ups and downs, and can also be brought on by a bouts of stress. People are able to bounce back to normal quickly, usually a few days to a week. Medication and alcohol can mimic the symptoms of depression, as well as brought on by major illnesses. When mild depression lingers and takes a hold on one’s life it can become major depressive disorder. This disorder can affect the body from being able to heal properly, and can lead to chronic depressive episodes.
Depression is feeling sad, empty, and depressed mood for two weeks or more. Not everyone experiences depression in the same way. To be clinically diagnosed with major depressive disorder one must suffer four or more of the symptoms: feelings of worthlessness, feelings of guilt, decreased or increased appetite, increased or decreased sleep patterns, difficulty concentrating, difficulty making decisions, diminished interest in doing pleasurable activities nearly every day, and thoughts of suicide or dying. Feelings of worthlessness can be feeling that one has no value to contribute to the world. Inappropriate feelings of guilt, is feeling guilty when there is no real cause or reason to feel guilty. Increased or decreased appetite marking a 5% change in one’s weight is another possible symptom. Changes in a person’s sleeping patterns are a symptom of depression, this can…