Major Depression : A Disabling Illness

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Major Depression: a Disabling Illness or a Tool of Greatness Around one time in everyone’s life, they will suffer from depression, whether it’d be a short amount of time, or the complete opposite. Mentally the effect of depression are scarring, but when a depression victim finally sees the light of day from the withered dark forest, nothing could feel greater. Once the melancholy thoughts are overcome, a victim can grow as a person, appreciate the life they’ve been given, gain some maturity, and make sure they take the proper steps to never suffer from depression again. Most people suffer from Major Depression, and it exists largely in our community today, not just in the celebrities heard of over the news, but by many citizens in modern…show more content…
Major depression is a mood disorder that causes people to feel dejected and have a great sense of despondency. This, in turn, affects the person’s ability to communicate with others, and their overall sense of the value of their own life. But there are people who don’t submit to major depression easily. Through the help of professional counseling, and even anti-depressants, major depressive disorder could be significantly reduced. And those who have suffered from, or may even still suffer today from MDD, are some of the most memorable authors and artists and celebrities citizens know of in modern society. Some of these irreplaceable giants include: Mark Twain, Stephen King, Vincent Van Gogh, and Robin Williams. All of them are good men and all have left their mark on American citizens today. Most of them didn’t have help with their illness and that soon led to their own demise. But some spirits can only take so much pain before they’ll finally snap. They were all strong for lasting this long, and leaving their mark on society. There is no shame in what they did, they chose their path, but not all people have to follow them blindly. Humans still have a chance to look back and assess things in their own eyes. See if they can fix the problem.
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