Major Depression And Its Effects On Social Involvement

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Major Depression Depression is one of the most common therapeutic topics. There are many effects that lead to major depression and thus require distinctive therapy methods. It is a mood disorder that is associated with the body, emotions and thoughts (Hoeksema and rector, 2011). In order for a person to be diagnosed with major depression, they must show at least 4 symptoms from any of the 4 categories; such as mood changes, cognitive changes, physical changes, and behavior changes; and must have experience of depression for 2 weeks. These symptoms arise overtime and thus it is very crucial to determine the outcome and the solution for depression. Even though the main cause of depression is biology, social factors help derive stress that lead to depressive moods because of situations that people face which then supports the other etiologies. Through this essay I will discuss the social stress that causes depression through social involvement, relationships with close individuals, and stress from work. Secondly, how parental teaching affects the child’s thought process and in the way the child learns to deal with situations. Thirdly, past traumatic events that influences self-esteem, thought process in particular situations and other effects on depression. Finally why social etiology explains depression more effectively over the biological and psychological etiologies. As people carry on their everyday routine, different situations come cross their way. There are many
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