Major Depressive Disorder

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However, this condition does not pass on when the external causes of these emotions dissolve and is usually inconsistent to their cause. In essence, the classic severe conditions of depression have not been attributed to external precipitating cause. One of the most common conditions of depression is Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), which is a psychiatric condition that impairs moods, behavioral patterns, and thoughts for a protracted duration. This psychiatric illness tends to impair the patient’s social functioning and quality of life due to its impacts on cognitive functioning. Some of the most common symptoms of the condition include difficulty in concentration, weight change, minimal interest in pleasure, high rate of suicide, and physical impairment. The severity of this disease was evident in the year 2000 when the World Health Organization ranked it as the fourth cause of disability and premature death across the globe.
Review of Articles: As a result of its occurrence, severity, and likelihood to cause premature death throughout the world, major depressive disorder has received much attention in the recent past to an extent that it has been the subject of numerous studies and analyses. One of the recent studies to be conducted on the topic examines the link between depression severity and neurocognitive function in major depressive…
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